Abbey + Eric

According to our lovely bride Abbey who got married this year in NYC, Eric, her now husband teared up upon seeing her in her in HB6622 wedding dress. Her curly locks accented beautiful floral wreath, her ethereal wedding dress from her with IK2000 beaded belt, Abbey was such a effortlessly romantic bride. Congratulations~ The pictures were taken by talented Smitten Chickens.     

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Vanessa & Randi

It's a very special experience to work with both ends of a couple like Randi & Vanessa. These two have an obvious spark and compliment each other so wonderfully- we truly cherished being part of the meaningful time leading up to their wedding day! Vanessa wore HB6640 with OY1000 and Randi styled HB6622 with IK2000- an effortlessly elegant combination and the perfect matches for these two beautiful brides. Thank you so much to Aisle Walk Photos and A Night in Bloom Florists for your lovely work on this special day. Congratulations many times over, Vanessa & Randi... we wish you all the very best!    Saja: How did you meet?Vanessa: The traditional way, online. OK Cupid to be precise.  Randi was all curly hair and blue eyes when she turned...

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Hannah & Jenna

Hannah is not only an amazingly kind teacher but also an incredibly beautiful bride! We loved getting to meet her family, friends and even some colleagues from the school where she and Jenna met!! The couple wanted an intimate wedding in Brooklyn and Hannah is radiant in HB6565 with IK2000. Read on for more of her modern love story and some amazing photos from Dutton & James! Congratulations again Hannah & Jenna! Saja: How did you meet?Hannah: Jenna and I met at work. At the time we were both teachers at the same school. It was her first (and only) year at that school and my fourth year there. I came into her classroom looking for someone else and found her instead, making hot air balloon...

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Jessica & Jonathan

Short & chic! For a stylish bride like Jessica, a short dress like HB6722 (with the IK2000 belt and a killer pair of heels) was a perfect fit! We absolutely loved hearing her modern love story with groom, Jonathan- special thank you to Thomas from Documentary Associates for sharing their classy backyard affair with us and to Palace Florists and TCBeauty as well! Enjoy!    Saja: How did you meet?Jessica: We met in Tel Aviv on an internship program after I graduated from college. He's from Denmark and we didn't speak the first month of the program because he seemed quiet and shy. I was very wrong, and when we finally spoke he was very funny, charming and we had a lot in...

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Shari-Beth & Christian

We are so excited to share these photos from our bride, Shari and her groom Christian. She is effortlessly stunning in our HB6622 dress with a beautiful summer bouquet and soft white flowers tucked into her hair. Thank you so much to Christy Sloat Photography for the beautiful imagery. Congratulations to these two, we wish you all the best!    

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