SAJA (Korean: noun - the lion)
Founded in 2000 by designer Yoo Lee. The name chosen for its simplicity, SAJA has been a labor of love, joy and a few tears for Yoo.

After many years as a women's contemporary collection, Yoo Lee has focused the SAJA collection to what she does best. SAJA has emerged as a pure inspirational collection of wedding and special occasion dresses. Thanks to the loyal patrons, bloggers and friends in press saja has become widely known for its non-traditional ethereal robe de jour and robe du soir. Light, whimsical and timeless. Dresses of effortless joy and available at attainable price points. Yoo believes that a wedding dress should be beautiful, timeless and effortless. That it only exists to compliment the bride's natural beauty and not to take way and become the center on the wedding day. Saja Wedding Collection is for the modern bride who wants to be herself and do some groovy moves on the dance floor and enjoy the delicious food.

It's funny since Yoo Lee eloped to Las Vegas and has been happily married for over a decade. Wearing a simple skirt and sweater to her own wedding, Yoo now lives her fantasies vicariously through her clients.

After spending over a decade in New York, Saja has migrated back to its origin, Los Angeles, in summer of 2017. The design showroom is now located in Hollywood, Los Angeles.  

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