Vanessa & Randi

It's a very special experience to work with both ends of a couple like Randi & Vanessa. These two have an obvious spark and compliment each other so wonderfully- we truly cherished being part of the meaningful time leading up to their wedding day! Vanessa wore HB6640 with OY1000 and Randi styled HB6622 with IK2000- an effortlessly elegant combination and the perfect matches for these two beautiful brides. Thank you so much to Aisle Walk Photos and A Night in Bloom Florists for your lovely work on this special day. Congratulations many times over, Vanessa & Randi... we wish you all the very best!   

Saja: How did you meet?

Vanessa: The traditional way, online. OK Cupid to be precise.  Randi was all curly hair and blue eyes when she turned up on our first date and the rest is history….


Saja: How did she propose?

Vanessa: Randi proposed to me on a trip to Australia when we were visiting my family. Her plan was to propose at midnight on New Year's Eve in Sydney. But that didn't go quite to plan when I hurt my eye that day at the beach….yes sand is apparently very dangerous. Haha. In any case she waited until the next morning in bed which was very romantic and intimate and perfect for us as a couple. 


Saja: What was your favorite part of the day?

Vanessa: For me I had two favorites, the ceremony and the hora.  The ceremony was by a stream in a beautiful natural setting with all our family and friends.  It was so touching, meaningful and funny in all the right places.  Randi’s best friend officiated and two of our musician friends played our favorite songs as the part of the celebration. 


Saja: Where did the wedding take place? What made you choose there?

Vanessa: We got married at Full Moon Resort at Big Indian in the Catskills NY.  I had spent many weekends in the Catskills over the years and always went past this property on my way to a lovely hike in the area.  We both wanted a “country/rustic” wedding and so I suggested we check out Full Moon.  We knew immediately when we arrived that this was the place for us. 


Saja: Which of the photos is your favorite? Why?

Vanessa: I love all of them!  But some of my favorites photos include Randi and I by the red barn with her resting her head on me and when we are walking outside on the path back to the reception tent and I am leaning over and giving Randi a kiss on her cheek. The photo of my best woman doing rabbits ears behind our heads, the sunset photo of the reception tent, the photo of us running through sparklers and the hora chair photo of Randi are favorites as well!


Saja: Is there anything about your photos that you can point out that we might not have noticed?

Vanessa: There is also a photo of us in the chairs during the hora which captures a lovely expression on randi’s face as well as the vibe of the wedding. 

The hora was so fun for me! Randi is Jewish and I am not, so it was my first hora and being lifted in the chairs was like being on a rollercoaster. I just couldn't stop laughing. But best of all I didn't want all men to lift me (you know girl power and all). So I mentioned this to some of my girlfriends and they totally delivered which was an amazing effort because I am 5’10!!!

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