Vanessa & Randi

It's a very special experience to work with both ends of a couple like Randi & Vanessa. These two have an obvious spark and compliment each other so wonderfully- we truly cherished being part of the meaningful time leading up to their wedding day! Vanessa wore HB6640 with OY1000 and Randi styled HB6622 with IK2000- an effortlessly elegant combination and the perfect matches for these two beautiful brides. Thank you so much to Aisle Walk Photos and A Night in Bloom Florists for your lovely work on this special day. Congratulations many times over, Vanessa & Randi... we wish you all the very best!    Saja: How did you meet?Vanessa: The traditional way, online. OK Cupid to be precise.  Randi was all curly hair and blue eyes when she turned...

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Caitlin & Nathan

Every person who took part in Caitlin & Nathan's wedding commented on what a truly special day it was. From the intimate ceremony to the incredible backdrop at Letterbox Farms, Ethan Harrison did such an incredible job of capturing the beauty of this day and the obvious love between these two. Caitlin looks flawlessly elegant in HB6640 styled with simple flowers tucked into her hair- the perfect look for her delightful rustic affair. Many congratulations, Caitlin & Nathan!! We wish you all the very best~    Saja: How did you meet?Caitlin: We met through mutual friends, at a party by a lake in Cold Spring NY.  We went out on our first date about a week later, on memorial day weekend, 3 years before our wedding.Saja: How...

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West Coast Beauty Inspiration

The Saja bride is both modern and unique and with so many different ways to style our dresses, we love sharing cool beauty ideas when we see them! Be.NYLA captures such a west-coast-cool vibe and we are so excited to share some of their hair and makeup inspiration for our HB6640, HB6285 and VT6310 dresses. Thank you, as always, to the talented Betsi Ewing for the incredible shots. Enjoy~             

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