Hannah & Jenna

Hannah is not only an amazingly kind teacher but also an incredibly beautiful bride! We loved getting to meet her family, friends and even some colleagues from the school where she and Jenna met!! The couple wanted an intimate wedding in Brooklyn and Hannah is radiant in HB6565 with IK2000. Read on for more of her modern love story and some amazing photos from Dutton & James! Congratulations again Hannah & Jenna! 

Saja: How did you meet?

Hannah: Jenna and I met at work. At the time we were both teachers at the same school. It was her first (and only) year at that school and my fourth year there. I came into her classroom looking for someone else and found her instead, making hot air balloon shaped name tags for each of her students. It was adorable and I offered her some candy.

Saja: How did you propose?

Hannah: I proposed to Jenna on New Year’s Day of 2015. I made us breakfast in bed (buttermilk pancakes) and decorated our bed trays with confetti sparkles. She though nothing of it at first because I tend to make a scene of meals on special days, anyway. But I had also planned a dessert for that morning to be my catalyst for the proposal. She was full from all the pancakes but I was anxious so kept asking if she was ready for dessert until she agreed. I had planned on making s’mores (her favorite) and toasted them over the stove. I plated them and came in with a ring on top of it. Then I asked her and we drank champagne and went to a Broadway show to celebrate that night.

Saja: Where did the wedding take place? What made you choose there?

Hannah: Our wedding was at Milk and Roses in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We wanted it there because it had a library/garden feel to it which are two things we both adore. We wanted to get married in Brooklyn because we met here and because it is our home, as opposed to the respective states we come from on our own (She is from Michigan and I am from California).

Saja: What was your favorite part of the day?

Hannah: The best part of the day was the ceremony! Even though it was starting to rain it went off perfectly and Jenna and I were both so happy! But the next best part was definitely the Kool Haus ice cream truck we rented to drive up. I think Jenna would say that too. Delicious!

Saja: Do you have a favorite photo?

Hannah: I love the full length photo of the two of us… it’s our first look (another favorite moment from the day!)

Saja: Is there anything in the photos you can point out that we might not have noticed?

Hannah: We were both really happy! But I think the pictures captured it :)

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