Charlotte & Aaron

Happy Friday! Heading into the weekend with Charlotte & Aaron's wedding all the way from Australia. We don't have the pleasure of meeting all of our international brides in person, but we love being able to see the way their special days come to life! Thank you so much to Gary Schlatter of Vision and Imagination Photography for making it possible! Charlotte looks chic and elegant in HB6899 alongside her handsome groom. We love the modern vibe of Lightspace, the converted warehouse they chose. Check it out!Saja: How did you meet?Charlotte: Aaron and I met at a party organised by his bandmate and advertised on Twitter. I followed his bandmate and received an invite. This was in the early days of...

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Rui & Varian

We're starting out the week with these amazing photos from Rui & Varian's wedding. Although we never met her in person, we spent some time getting to know Rui via FaceTime and absolutely love seeing how beautifully she looks in HB6899 for her special day! Her laid back ceremony is quaint and full of love, and we love the way the groom matches the decor! Thank you so much to Xinning from Ivan Tan Photography and many, many congratulations to Rui & Varian!!Saja: What was your favorite part of the day?Rui: The getting ready together in the hotel room - being both cosy and euphoric together – Var putting flowers in my hair, my straightening his bowtie, elbowing each other and chuckling OMG ARE...

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Lauren & Tim

Lauren and Tim met at a running group in New York City. Tim had been running with the group for many years, and Lauren had just started a month earlier. The two met on the corner of 59th and Lex and chatted briefly and at the end, Tim stuck around to talk just a little more before parting ways. On December 30th, Tim suggested taking a very cold walk on the Highline. Right before sunset, without any around, he popped the question. The couple celebrated up on the Top of the Standard while watching the sunset. Lauren and Tim were wed at The Stone Mill at New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. "We initially were looking into an open...

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Caitlin & Will

Instead of wallowing in today's horrendous weather, treat yourself to these beautiful shots by one of our favorite photographers, Clean Plate Pictures. Thank you for sharing and to Caitlin for making such a stunning bride! Although days like today make it hard, her wedding at The Roundhouse at Beacon Falls definitely reminds us of the times we love being in New York!!        

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