Lauren & Tim

Lauren and Tim met at a running group in New York City. Tim had been running with the group for many years, and Lauren had just started a month earlier. The two met on the corner of 59th and Lex and chatted briefly and at the end, Tim stuck around to talk just a little more before parting ways. On December 30th, Tim suggested taking a very cold walk on the Highline. Right before sunset, without any around, he popped the question. The couple celebrated up on the Top of the Standard while watching the sunset.

Lauren and Tim were wed at The Stone Mill at New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. "We initially were looking into an open field or farm upstate but decided being in a landmark that we could someday visit with our family was important," said Lauren. The couple fell in love with the location because it was close to the city, and also featured lush trees and flowers with the Bronx River running along where the ceremony took place. They were sold!

Saja: Which photo is your favorite? Why?

Lauren: I love the ones of Tim and I in the rose garden and the all the nature around us. They were perfect. I also loved my mom and I getting ready, her helping me get my veil on, etc.
Saja: Is there anything you can point out about your pictures that we might not have noticed?

My brother got really emotional during the ceremony and so it was sweet having him next to me and trying to keep it together.  After Tim and I walked back down the isle people said that my brother just broke down sobbing, which I am probably glad I missed since I was already trying to not cry too much.
Saja: What was your favorite part of the day?

The day had so many different parts with totally different emotions to it, that it is hard to choose just one.  We really loved the ceremony, I of course got emotional and my uncle (or officiant) had to say them for me. We also really loved our first dance, which we worked on and think it paid off

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