Alex & Brad

We have been so excited to share these photos from our bride Alex's wedding. Her wedding took place at her family's restaurant in Cape May and there is so much love incorporated into each and every aspect of the day. She looks so delicately elegant in our CH6300 dress, it was perfect choice for the light and intimate event surrounded by friends and family. Thank you so much to Sasha and Jessie Felix of Felix Studios for these gorgeous photos, we had a hard time choosing between them! Thanks also to Cape Winds Florist, Steve Olszewski and Nikki Valentine for the decor and Wesley Laudeman and Lindsay Givens for the invitations. And finally congratulations to Alex and Brad, we wish you all the very best!! 

Saja: How did you meet?

Alex: We met in college at Wake Forest University. We were friends and neighbors and slowly fell in love with each other.
Saja: Which of the photos is your favorite? 

Alex: I absolutely love them all. I love the series in front of the white barn door, especially one where we are looking at each other and the sleeve of my dress is fluttering. There's one where we are both looking past the camera and laughing because our neighbors were sneaking pictures from their upstairs windows, it was a moment that broke our nerves.
Saja: How did he propose? 

Alex: He proposed on Christmas Eve in our kitchen. I was sick and had worked a long night, was tired and not feeling well. He was making me tea and called me in to help him find it in the cabinet. I turned the corner and he was on one knee. Even though I knew it was coming he managed to take me completely by surprise.
Saja: Is there anything about the photos you can point out that we might have missed?

Alex: We tried to use the strengths and skills of our friends whenever possible. Our best friend Gabe married us. It was the most genuine and heartwarming ceremony we could've dreamed of. My friend Steve Olszewski did all of the decor for the wedding, perfectly capturing the time, place, and mood of the moment. He even hand-dyed the bunting around the altar and his mom sewed it! My sister and my best friend did all of the illustrations and lettering on our invitations. They turned out perfectly intimate and playful, each with a special significance.
Saja: Where did the wedding take place?

Alex: The wedding took place at my father's restaurant The Lobster House in Cape May, NJ. The restaurant has been in our family since its inception 3 generations ago; I worked there growing up, and the people there are like family so I always knew it had to be there. It's historic, on the waterfront, and just a spectacular setting so we tried to let it shine without too much fuss.
Saja: What was your favorite part of the day? 

Alex: This is nearly impossible to answer! Walking down our makeshift aisle on the dock with my father as all of our friends and family cheered and clapped was absolutely momentous. Dancing with Brad to "Once in a Lifetime" by the Talking Heads, dizzy with champagne and joy was a high point of my life as well.


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