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Katie + Alex

Katie and Alex were introduced by the mutual friend when she was applying to the law school and Alex was already into his first year. The wedding took place in Alex's family home in a small town in Italy called Calvari. The house is attached to a 300 year old chapel called La Cappella and first time Katie visited the place, she cried because it was so beautiful. It just happens that Alex's parents were going to throw a party for the town to celebrate the 300 birthday of the chapel so Katie and Alex decided to get married at La Cappella at its 300th birthday. The result is simply magic. The bride wore our HB6285 dress, she didn't even...

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Tanya & Andrew

We are so excited to share Tanya & Andrew's Brooklyn wedding (featuring some of our favorite local venues!) From the Wythe Hotel to My Moon restaurant, their wedding is a true embodiment of NYC cool. Tanya is such a vibrant bride and we loved working with her and her lovely sisters! She is effortlessly elegant in RC6225 alongside bridesmaids wearing Saja dresses in Blackberry, and we absolutely LOVE the leather jacket she paired for the cooler evening hours! Huge thank you to Levi Stolove Photography for capturing it all so magnificently. Congratulations again to Tanya & Andrew!!                          

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Emma & Bryan

Happy Friday! We are so excited to share Emma & Bryan's gorgeous garden wedding featuring some Saja bridesmaids, too! Emma is a talented figure skater and the way CH6225 floats around her is truly dreamy. The soft, elegant train adds such a beautiful touch (especially through the amazing routine at the reception!) Her bridesmaids are stunning in a blend of our stillwater, illusion and fleur de lys colors in complimentary styles. Thank you so much to Tom Storm Photography for sharing this special day with us. Congratulations again to Emma & Bryan... Enjoy!  

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Amelia & Andy

After working with her sister, Susanna years ago, we were so excited when Amelia became a Saja bride too! She looks flawless in DL6055 with soft scalloped details and glass beaded embroidery. The lush scenery at the Chesterwood in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and floral designs by Pamela Hardcastle set such a romantic stage for Amelia and Andy's garden wedding. Thank you so much to Eric Limon for sharing these photos, especially the one of Amelia and her bridesmaids (wearing our Fleur de Lys styles HB6979 & HB6622) on the 4-wheeler- so fun! Congratulations again to this lovely couple!!

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Anna & Quang

Anna & Quang's Portland wedding is absolutely gorgeous. From their intimate town square ceremony, to an elegant reception at the Portland Art Museum, their day turned out simply stunning. Especially Anna in HB6633 and her Saja bridesmaids in DU6556 and HB6979 at her side!! Thank you so much to the extremely talented Erich McVey for these amazing images and many congratulations to a truly lovely bride and her groom!

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