Sarah & Owen

Sarah & Owen's wedding in Philadelphia is full of sophistication and old city charm and we loved reading the modern love story that brought them to this special day! Sarah couldn't look more perfect in her VT6310 gown. She said, "My dress was my favorite part of the entire experience. It was exactly what I was looking for, I felt so amazing in it. My husband loved it and thought it was perfect for me and for the setting. I’m heartbroken I’ll never be able to wear it again in that setting, but that’s what makes it even more special." Thank you SO much to Amy Gray Photography for capturing this picture-perfect bride and the magic of that day and many congratulations to these newlyweds!!  

Saja: How did we meet?

Sarah: We met on We had our first date at Steven Starr’s cocktail bar, Ranstead Room. We both share the same go-to cocktail, a Manhattan, up and made with rye.

Saja: How did he propose? 

Sarah: I had just graduated medical school, so he took me on a trip to Greece! On the second night of our stay in Santorini, he asked me if I would be his wife, then we had a glass of champagne overlooking the Aegean sea.

Saja: Where did the wedding take place?

Sarah: We were married at the Morris House Hotel, in Center City Philadelphia. It was built in 1787, and has been beautifully preserved as a boutique hotel. The intimate brick courtyard and cozy fireplace library sealed the deal for us.

Saja: Which of the photos is your favorite? Why?

Sarah: Us walking and holding hands – it shows the sleeve embroidery, the front pleats, and the waist beautifully. Just crop out my unfortunate facial expression…!

Saja: Is there anything you can point out about your pictures that we might not have noticed?


The first captures a moment of my crinkled-chiffon OCD-ness. The last couple show how comfortable and well the dress flowed throughout the reception! Sarah from The Tailory in Philadelphia did an incredible job bringing in the front pleats to make a trimmer silhouette, but still managed to preserve the relaxed feel.

Saja: What was your favorite part of the day?

Sarah: Going back to our suite at the end of the night, and pigging out on duck prosciutto and Italian cheese together, like we’ll do for the rest of our lives…

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