Summer 2017

This migration back West, NY to LA, has been one epic move. It’s been two year planning finally being materialized. It’s finally done!

Time flies in a blink. I started Saja in my twenties, literally going through my entire adulthood with Saja and movi
ng it to NY yearning for 4 seasons and new challenge. In my thirties, I went from growing the business to going through the heartache of withering the financial crisis and having to downsize and adjust to the ‘New Normal’. To survive, I morphed the business to the wedding collection from the contemporary collection and Saja Wedding came about.

Having a baby, a beautiful girl named Sky was the biggest highlight in New York and lowest was losing my beloved three dogs to old age and watching them suffer through harsh winters in East Coast. Both helped me make the decision to move back to LA to chase the California sun for my daughter and new rescue dog Peaches and cat named Mr. Anderson.

I will forever treasure my time in New York for for last 11 years. It has thought me how to be a better designer, better neighbor and better person. But I needed a change. Things have become bit of routine for me and I wasn’t being challenged enough. So to stir things up, I packed over 620 boxes for work and home and crossed of my bucket list and drove through US to LA.

My partner in life, a moral balance and one who makes me feel at home wherever I live, my wonderful husband Matt has always taken me up on the challenge and went through every experience with me. I act all strong but to be honest, I would be lost if it weren’t for him. I still remember that faithful night 20 years ago he asked me to dance at Derby and not having one dance bone in my body, I grabbed his hand and Swing danced all over his foot. Rest is shall we say history.

I am tired; it took me longer than I anticipated finally unpacking and resettling here. At the end, I am sitting at my beautiful office and we have a lovely home that will need much attention. I am excited and bit nervous for the future but it’s a good feeling, I am not bored.

I apologize Saja Wedding has been absent on social media among other thing. We are back in business, the computer is turned on and showroom is beautifully arranged and we even have the new telephone number, which I waited until today to install, not walking to lift a finger due to fatigue.

I will be energized to update more starting from now and hope to catch you all in near future. To all the lovely brides who have sent me wedding pictures last three months, I am forever grateful and will posting them shortly.



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