Krystyna + Danny

It’s been a while since I posted anything on Saja Wedding Blog. I took a bit of hiatus from social media while pursuing other creative outlets. Then the world literally fell apart around us. First with the pandemic then the systematic racism black community endured reached the tipping point and I hope this time, we will not let it go nor forget what had happened.

In the midst of these dark times, thanks to some truly wonderful people I had met in the past, I am reminded that there is goodness around us and the future can be and is bright. 

I met Krystyna and her wonderful mom almost two years ago and they were as lovely as they come. Her mother had this wonderful hat she wore for her wedding that she purchased from the Bergdorf’s that Krystyna wanted to incorporate into her own wedding dress from us, HB6285. So I took the beads and the lace from the hat and made it into beaded sash and hair combs for her and her bridesmaids. 

Krystyna thought that the pictures from her wedding might be a bright memory from the past for me during these trying times and she couldn’t be more right. They give me hope that the love is all around us and with new beginnings, commitments and understanding for each other, we are all better off.

Thank you Krystyna for warming my heart, and thank you Francesco Spighi  for taking these lovely pictures.



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