Kayla + Jay

Our beautiful bride Kayla got her, our HB6285 from Sash and Bustle in Canada and wore it on her wedding. Below are Kayla and Jay's story:

Kayla and Jay met ten years ago when they were working together as servers at the same restaurant. They were friends for a long time and got to know each other well before anything between them developed.

During Christmas one year they decided to go to Banff and holiday in the mountains. They hiked the short trek to the historical observatory at the top of Sulphur Mountain and after spending some time taking in the spectacular views Kayla turned around and Jay was holding an open ring box, catching Kayla completely caught off guard, and her response was "Are you ****ing kidding me?!" and promptly burst into tears and rest is history...

They got married at the city hall here at home in London, Ontario. Their ceremony was simple and perfect, with just parents, siblings, and Jay's grandmother in attendance.  It was followed by pictures in the park across from city hall, and a catered lunch at my parents' house.  That evening they went back to the restaurant they first worked at together and had extended family and friends join them for drinks and cupcakes.

Photographer: Emma Truswell of Blush Photography
Makeup: Anna of Devorah Beauty
Hair: Nicolle Bendheim at Love Alchemy
Dress: Saja Wedding HB6285 dress

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