Julie + Greg: Part I

Julie and Greg just got everything right. These two beautiful people found each other. Decided to spend the rest of their lives together and envisioned a wedding that was perfect for them. They sought out a venue that reflected them in New York, picked glorious autumn wedding day for the wedding. 

Julie knew exactly what she wanted and reached out to us to get her RM6325 wedding dress and her beautiful fall foliage colored bouquet decorated deep teal color silk ribbon couldn't have complimented her better. More than anything, she chose perfect boots for her wedding shoes  that was not only stylish but comfortable and she will definitely wear the pair again.

Most importantly, she chose the right photographer who had vision and talent to match the couple's style. Through Jessie Casey's lens, we get to experience the joy of Julie getting ready for her wedding and she climbed up the latter to the roof to meet her groom for the first time for the amazing photo shoot before the wedding, literally on top of the world.

I love their wedding so much that I am going to treasure them and share them in series. Congratulations to Julie and Greg...



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