Jessica & Chris

What better way to start the week than beautiful wedding photos! High school sweethearts turned husband and wife, Jessica and Chris look so incredibly happy on their special day right here in Flushing. She looks effortlessly glamorous in HB6633. Thanks so much to Michelle Varella from Lina Jang Photography for sharing and congratulations again to Jessica and Chris! Enjoy~

Saja: What was your favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day was our first dance.  We spent a month before the wedding taking ballroom dancing lessons and learned a choreographed dance, so it was hard for us, but definitely worth the effort.  We certainly didn't do it perfectly, but we had fun learning it and performing it!

Saja: How did you first meet?

Chris and I met in high school.  We were both in the pit orchestra for the musical, "Guys and Dolls."  He plays the cello and I play the tenor saxophone - he was sitting right behind me in the seating arrangement and he would always make these funny comments that only I could hear.  We had a lot of common interests other than just music - including an obsession with "The X-Files," which we bonded over.  Eventually, he took me to his Senior Prom and the rest is history! 

Saja: How did he propose?

It was our fifteenth anniversary and he asked me to take a long lunch break at work. I had just started a new job, but I was still training, so my boss was understanding and let me take the time. Chris didn't tell me where we were going - he picked me up and we went to the South Street Seaport Heliport. He had planned a helicopter tour of New York City!  BUT, just as we were about to get on the next helicopter, they announced that they were shutting down due to an incoming storm. Chris tried everything to see if they would take us up before the storm, but to no avail. Instead, we walked along the waterfront, and he proposed there. We went on the helicopter ride a few weeks later on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon

Saja: Which is your favorite photo? Why?

The one pictured above because the photo captures a moment of joy on our faces, surrounded by our families and friends.

Saja: Where did the wedding take place? What made you choose there?

The ceremony was at Flushing Town Hall, a beautiful old brick building on Northern Boulevard, and the reception was at the Sheraton LaGuardia East, both in Flushing, NY.  We chose Flushing because we wanted a Chinese banquet for the reception and Flushing was the only place where we could find an authentic restaurant. 

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