Brittany & Carl

Happy Friday! Heading into the weekend with Brittany & Carl's charming beach wedding out on the North Fork of Long Island. From their quaint ceremony at a beachside public park to the party tent reception, family, friends and these two lovebirds are all smiles! She makes a beautiful bride in LD6015 styled with a simple crown of baby's breath. Thank you so much to Sherry Pickerell Photography for sharing your beautiful work! Enjoy~

Saja: How did you meet?

Brittany: Carl and I met at a bar after I had *almost* run into him on the street (where our mutual friend said we weren’t good for each other, YET). PS we are still friends.

Saja: How did he propose?

Brittany: We have this thing where we go to the beach and look for beach glass. Its quiet, we usually take our dog, Rocco, and we have a little competition for bragging rights about what we find between the two of us, considering color, quality, and either the largest or most unique piece. One day after work we went to the lighthouse (see photos pre wedding ceremony), it was a long day and we weren’t even sure if we were going to go. We found NO beach glass, and on the way back to the stairs Carl says “hey babe check out this awesome piece…” He was down on one knee. I remember being speechless with stars in my eyes, what a dream come true right?! The love of my life, my grandmothers diamond, on the beach…well apparently after he asked me to marry him I responded with “Are you f*****g with me? Seriously?” HAHA. Obviously the result of that conversation ended much better than my choice of language. 

Saja: What was your favorite part of the day?

Brittany: My favorite part of the day was standing under the arbor with our closes friends and family laughing and having fun during the ceremony. Because lets be honest, the ceremony can be boring and most of the time people want it over with. Can I give advice here? If you’re not religious have a friend marry you. Spiro was thoughtful, romantic, and unbelievably funny, and he really set the tone with having us respond with the words “OH” (insert dramatic long pause) “YEAAHH”  instead of “I do.”

Saja: Is there anything you can point out from the photos that we might not have noticed?

Brittany: Not sure if you can tell or not from the photos, but we designed most of the decorations. I hand embossed and painted the table numbers, picked out the flowers, chose each individual piece of beach glass for the candles and stamped the escort cards. Carl wired the chandelier, made the driftwood card holders, and built the driftwood arbor that we got married under. Also, our wedding took place in a beach side park, a regular public park. 


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