Annie + Andrew

Annie met Andrew through OkCupid 6 years ago. She wanted a tall guy and he wanted a girl living close by. They connected over their shared lack of dance still (so they say), and bonded over accidentally ordering the duck feet on their 3rd date at dim sum. 

Andrew proposed to Annie on the hottest day in summer of 2015 in Central Park. And their wedding took on Pebble Beach at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Theirs is truly a New York Love Story... They chose the reception at the Dumbo Loft nearby for its stunning view of Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges which can be seen on the amazing pictures taken by George Weiss Photography

The wedding according to Annie was a truly a team effort. Along with their incredible vendors, the bride's mom created over a hundred of stained glass hearts as favors and her Aunt Beth made the most delicious orange chiffon wedding cake! 

Well, looking at these stunning pictures, I would say her wedding went without a hitch, the bride and groom had loads of good time and having had the privilege of meeting and working with Annie, I think it's going to be a fun adventure these two ahead. She wore our HB6285 wedding dress so beautifully~






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