Amy & Craig Part One

Every once in a while, we come across a wedding that overwhelms us with it's beauty. There are so many amazing shots from Amy & Craig's wedding in Hawaii that we decided to share them in two parts! The couple was married at Sunset Ranch in Haleiwa, O'ahu and we absolutely love the way they made the best of the unexpected rain that day. The umbrellas during the ceremony, and rainbow afterwards make it all the more special! An incredibly huge thank you to Erin Paris for capturing it all! Amy (who looks flawlessly elegant in HB6565) also shared with us one of the more special moments of the day, during her and Craig's first dance. She said, "Our reception was in a barn and there was actually a big storm that night and the power went out for a few hours after dinner was served.  Because of this, we had our first dance on the dance floor lit by our guests' cell phones and Craig's mom led them in singing "You are my sunshine" since we had no power for the speakers to play music.  We couldn't use a phone to play the song because the sound would be drowned out by the pouring rain.  Amazingly, one of our guests had just purchased a guitar that day and had it in his car, so he ran out and got it and played a few songs for us, while one of Craig's groomsmen sang." Although the photos of this moment are romantic themselves, Amy sent us the video and it truly gave us the chills. Make sure to scroll down to see it play out and check with us next week for the rest of the breathtaking shots Amy and Craig took through the Hawaiian sunset!  

IMG 0268 from Saja on Vimeo.


To be continued.....

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