Alison & Tim

Alison is quite a special Saja bride, with one of the most romantic wedding stories yet. When she first came in and told us she was having a surprise wedding, we were a little confused. She explained that her and a large group of friends had already planned a big trip to the Dominican Republic. With the exception of the close friends she brought dress shopping and some family members, no one knew this would be where the couple would have their wedding. On the first night of the trip, Alison and Tim announced that they would be exchanging their vows the very next day and welcomed whoever to join them for the ceremony. She said this way, their loved ones could attend any/all of the wedding events at the leisure of their own vacation and without the pressures of traveling for a traditional destination wedding. She told us that Tim had the whole thing planned from the proposal! We're so thankful to the couple's friend Roy Pearson for capturing these moments for us! Many congratulations to this lovely bride and her groom!

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