Kaile & Lynn

Happy Friday! We're heading into the weekend with Kaile & Lynn's beachside affair in Hawaii! Having grown up in the islands, the couple chose to be married at the same hotel as Kaile's parents and we love the way they included their pup in the day. Kaile looks effortlessly beautiful in HB6622. Thank you so much to Stefanie & Anna Riedel of Absolutely Loved Photography for capturing her and these surroundings in such a special way!


Where did the wedding take place?  What made you choose there?  

Kaile: Our wedding took place at the Kahala Resort and Hotel in Honolulu, HI.  The venue was absolutely perfect and something I had envisioned since I was a child.  My parents had their wedding reception there.  Everyone at the hotel worked so hard to make our day special and what stood out the most to me was how wonderful the staff was with our dog, King Louis, not just on the day of the wedding but throughout our entire stay.

Saja: What was your favorite part of the day?  

Kaile: Everything.  We were surrounded by so much love and support and I just found everything to be perfect!

Saja: Which of the photos are your favorite and why?  

Kaile: I love all of our photos.  We had the best photographers, Stefanie and Anna Riedel.  They have this way of capturing moments in their entirety.  When I look back at the photos each one transports me to a different part of the day and I immediately remember how I felt in that moment.  We are so blessed to have such beautiful photos to look back on our favorite day.

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