Caroline & Gustav

We've had many brides get married in Sweden, and are truly blown away each and every time. There is something so serene about the setting that creates such a beautiful ambiance for weddings- and Caroline's is no exception. She looks stunning in our HB6565 dress with a low braided updo and hair accessories. From her handsome groom and adorable sons to the heartfelt music played by loved ones, this special day is surrounded with love. Thank you so much to Annie Grunditz who Caroline described as "a young woman with so much energy and ideas to make the emotions talk in the pictures," and we couldn't agree more! Congratulations again, Caroline and Gustav!! 

Saja: How did you meet?

Caroline: We met at work. Went out for a drink in September 2008 and been a couple since
Saja: How did he propose?

It was July 15, 2014. He had asked my parents to look after our kids during our holiday in France where we were staying for a 2 week vacation. Then he took me to the small village, Collioure near the Spanish boarder. He found a small alley with no other people besides us. He went down on his knees and proposed... I said Yes!
Saja: Where did the wedding take place? What made you choose there?

Our wedding took place at Vidbynäs Gård, a lovely mansion south of Stockholm. We chose that place for several reasons. We love food, and at Vidbynäs they really know how to create a dinner worth remembering. All our guest could sleep over since they have rooms for over 100 people. And the location of Vidbynäs is romantic, near a small lake called Turingen. We had our own wedding planner helping with everything, which was very much appreciated.
Saja: Which of the photos is your favorite? Why?

 Hmmm, I have 3 favorites. The first one is where we see our kids all dressed up. There is so much love in that picture. The second one is the first kiss after we see each other for the first time in our wedding attire. Then there is this one, where Gustav is looking at me with so much love while we are listening to my niece singing "All of me" by John Legend.
Saja: Is there anything you can point out in your pictures that we might not have noticed?

: During the ceremony our friend Elias was singing a song called “Värmlandsvisan” which is a song about the region were Gustav is born and raised. Also my niece only 15 years old was singing for us during the ceremony. All this wonderful songs were very emotional. So we ended by walking out to the song “Something new” by Axwell/Ingrosso – the picture where I raise my hand. We wanted our wedding to be a joyful day and I think that walking out to that song gave all our guest the feeling to relax and have fun!    
Saja: What was your favorite part of the day?

Oh, this is a really hard question because the whole day was magic. But during the wedding cake my niece and the Best Man were singing some songs – and that was a lovely moment taking us away from dinner mood to a party mood.

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