Blair & Brian

We fell in love with Blair right when she walked into our studio. She had a smile that could light up any room, she LOVED her dog (we are crazy dog people here) and she lived in Downtown JC. Her upbeat personality was something we always looked forward to during the fitting process and we now get to enjoy her wedding pictures. The pictures were taken by Love Em Photography and thank you so much for sharing them with us~

Saja: How did you meet?

: Brian and I met through a mutual friend. He worked with my friend, Pam, and we met a few times in group settings before actually ever dating.
Saja: How did he propose?

Bri proposed in our hotel room in London! I had studied abroad in London so the city holds a special place in my heart. We had gone to visit friends of of ours and so that I could show Brian “my” London, and he proposed on our first full day in the city, before a day of sightseeing that included a guided Jack the Ripper tour (so romantic haha).

Saja: Where did the wedding take place? What made you choose there?

We got married in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. The ceremony took place at my childhood parish, St. Bernard Church. I had all of my sacraments (baptism, first communion, confirmation, and now marriage) and attended elementary and middle school at St. Bernard’s. The reception was also special because it was held at The University Club on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus, and I’m a Pitt alum. I got to celebrate my special day at two venues that hold significant meaning to me.
Saja: Which of the photos is your favorite? Why?

I ADORE the one of Brian, me, and our wedding party into front of the iron gate. I’m laughing and Brian is looking at the camera like “help me!” It captures us as a couple, and it was a “blooper” moment that created a really great photo.

Saja: What was your favorite part of the day?

: There are too many to choose from! But to name a few...•Prepping for the day at my parents’ home with my family and bridesmaids. We got our hair and makeup done in our pajamas while enjoying mimosas and loads of goodies.
•The walk down the aisle and spotting Brian, who subtly teared up when he saw me.
•The trolley ride between the church and the reception venue (complete with champagne). This was so fun and festive, and it was the transitional moment ofthe day; where the pressure of the ceremony was now complete, and the fun was
just about to begin!
•Dancing with friends and family at the reception
•Having snacks and drinks with my parents at the after party
Saja: Is there anything you can point out about your pictures that we might not have noticed?

: I think the photos do a great job of capturing this, but the day was just so joyful. From beginning to end, I felt so overwhelmed with joy.

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