Jenny & Ben

City chicness meets timeless elegance for our bride, Jenny's wedding. She looks flawlessly stunning in CR6380. We're loving the details at this unique venue and of course that spectacular view! Thanks so much to Veanne Tsui Photography for these incredible images! 

Jenny and Ben love red wine. They saved each of these bottles and used them as vases at their reception.

Jenny met her groom Ben through mutual friends. She had just started graduate school in Florida and regularly hanging out with colleagues from her department's research team. One of them showed her the Facebook page of a friend, Ben that she thought Jenny would be interested in. The same friend invited Jenny on an impromptu trip to Philadelphia. Jenny said she was already game, as the general monotony of grad school was really starting to take it's toll but as soon as the friend added "You can meet Ben," she was sold! 
"We arrived, she called him up and I can still remember what he looked like walking up in a black button down, jeans and adorable shoes. "He's gorgeous!" I whispered to my friend. We stayed in touch over 6 weeks and I invited him down to Florida for my Halloween party (my favorite holiday). He came, we started dating and after 1.5 years doing long distance (through Philly, Baltimore, Florida and Rio de Janiero), graduating from school (finally!), moving to NYC and starting "Big Kid" careers, we said "I do" Jenny told us.
Jenny and Ben chose Ramscale Studios, in the West Village for their venue. She said "We were just trying to be low-key and not make every decision into a circus. We just did the online research and Ramscale was the first and only venue we visited. Can you blame us? It was perfect!" Truthfully, we can't!

When we asked what her favorite part of the day was, she said "Seeing all of the people that I love all in one room, laughing, talking and enjoying one another. Once in a lifetime moment."

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