Molly & Matt

From the first time we met Molly, she had such a contagious energy. She is one of the happiest and kindest brides we've come across and truly looks like a Hollywood movie star in HB6123 for her wedding day. We love the elegant and rustic feel of Greenpoint Loft, the perfect choice for this Brooklyn couple that live and fell in love there! Thank you so much to Couple of Dudes Photography for sharing, as well as Emily Henrietta for the florals and Ashley Jackson for wedding coordination! Congratulations again to Molly & Matt~Saja: How did you meet?

Molly: On OKCupid. I reached out to him. We realized we both lived in Greenpoint and met at a bar nearby both our apartments.Saja: How did he propose?

Molly: It was a complete surprise to me. It was early October last year and we were in Newport for the weekend borrowing a friend's house. We were out for walk at Sachuest Point. It's a rocky coast and I was looking at a horseshoe crab when Matt called me over to him. Then: proposal! I just keep saying, what? REALLY? ME? He took that as a yes which it was.
Saja: What was your favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day was riding to the ceremony in the back of an old 50s Checker cab with Matt. I was so excited and nervous and happy. I knew it was going to be a great day for everyone. Then I loved seeing all our friends and family seated for the ceremony, waiting for us. I couldn't believe so many people came together for us. We didn't know if we would be able to get through the ceremony without breaking down but we did and it was very special and intimate. Saja: Which is your favorite photo and why?

My favorite photo is of us in the taxi together because the turquoise color of the cab seats complement the color of my dress and Matt's seat. The photo could be from any era and that's what I really liked about the dress. It was classic and elegant but light layers and draped top also made it a little whimsical and ethereal. It was modern without losing any bit of personality. It was timeless and to see it look so well in place in the back of a 50s Checker cab is proof of that. 
Saja: Where did the wedding take place? What made you choose the space? 

Molly: We had our wedding at the Greenpoint Loft in Greenpoint Brooklyn. We chose it because it's a beautiful old industrial loft with gorgeous aged wood rafters, rustic wood floors, huge windows around three quarters of the space, vaulted skylights, a mezzanine, and a balcony that overlooks the East River to Manhattan and makes you feel like the Empire State Building is close enough to touch. My family and friends from the West Coast loved it. It's right in Greenpoint, where we met and was our first choice, as well as the most natural.
Saja: Is there anything you can point out about your photos that we may not have noticed?

I think photos speak for themselves. The dress looks elegant and different in almost everyone but is always flattering. It never slipped which was a big concern of mine because I'm a big dancer. 

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