Jessica & David

Jessica & David's wedding alongside their beautiful baby girl, Maya is truly out of a storybook. She is an ethereal vision in our HB6622 dress through the magical Cape Ann woodlands. Thank you so much to VD Photography and to Jessica for sharing such a beautiful Modern Love Story with us! Enjoy~
Jessica told,  "We met five years ago in the capital city of Zimbabwe in southern Africa. It was the 2010 Operation of Hope facial reconstructive medical mission. I was a CNN journalist who filmed/produced a half-hour special on this medical mission for CNN's Inside Africa the year before. I was following up on the story and also volunteering. I brought my mother along because she is a nurse and always wanted to understand why I love Africa so much. David was the UC Davis chief surgical resident chosen for the trip. This was his first Op of Hope mission and time in Zimbabwe. My mother got to know David before I did. It wasn't until the last night of that trip when David and I met... and of  all places in Africa, on a dance floor! We became cross continental boyfriend and girlfriend for a couple years as I was based in Atlanta and he was living in California but we always had Africa! We return every year on that medical mission and during April 2014's mission in Zimbabwe David proposed...We had our wedding last June at the Essex Retreat in Cape Ann, Massachusetts. It is a magical setting. One that reminds me of author J.M. Barrie’s “Neverland.”  Like Peter-Pan, David and I have always found our happy place in nature. A wedding ceremony amongst the trees we thought would symbolize our intertwined lives, our growing bond and our unconditional love (rain or shine)!!!And it Shined!! The forecast predicted rain but it turned out to be such a beautiful day. I'd like to think my father who passed away many years ago was looking down from above and had something to do with that gorgeous sky. Feeling the suns warmth I felt like I could feel my dads warmth. I could see him smiling! My nephew walked me down the aisle. He was so concerned since I didn't have a father. I was so honored and proud to have him by my side. He is the sweetest and most kindhearted teenager I have ever met."There was another special person at our wedding and that was Maya, our six month old daughter. Since we are over 35 we didn't want to wait to start a family. Then two days before Christmas we were blessed with a healthy little girl! She was made in Zimbabwe with love and is the love of our lives...So now we are not only a happily married couple, we are a very happy family!!!"

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